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About the CFA Level One course

June 15, 2015

I’ve been quiet on the blog over the last few months as I’ve been studying for my CFA Level One exam, which I took on Saturday 6th June.

There is a lot of content and that’s only part one of three. There was as much content as a year of my university course.

Some content was interesting and will be of practical use. This includes:

Time value of money – discounting cash flows
Equity valuation models
Fixed income: types, how they work and how they are valued
Alternative investments, including hedge funds

I will probably never view other content such as inventory accounting ever again.

I’ll probably have to retake the exam in December. Having started the course in February, there wasn’t time to get through all the content. I studied hard but it is human nature to study the parts you are more interested/ better at. Also, you have to make sure you can do those questions. I’ll have to work on the reporting and accounting content in later in the year.

I’d like to find an employer that buys into my strengths, which I show on this blog. However, I’ve been advised that the CFA is worth having so that’s why I’ve started it.

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