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Why Rare Times?

Every trading day, hundreds of trading signals are given by all sorts of methods over different timeframes and on a huge range of stocks and other asset classes.

You can waste a lot of time, mental energy and money on sub optimal trades. Only at rare times are markets set up to give signals that:

  • Have a high probability of a sizeable move
  • Have strong supporting factors from other technical techniques


  • Give a quick answer as to whether you are correct
  • Have a near by, meaningful stop loss point

The aim of this site is to:

  • Show what factors make these rare market times
  • Show some current and developing examples
  • Show that I can take these ideas forward for you, in your hedge fund, institution, advisory service, or wherever you are able to use me.

Have a look at my methods and please send me an email to ask questions and make comments.

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