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Update on recommendations

April 30, 2012

30 April

This is another update on how my ideas shown here have progressed. I will start with the best one!

AEM vs XAU: This ratio made good progress last week, with AEM up 18.7%. The ratio is up 21.5% on the entry point from the start of April.


The daily RSI is now overbought but the weekly RSI is not yet overbought.
At this point, you could take partial profit but I don’t have well defined rules for ongoing trade management in the same way as I as do for entry criteria.

SLE vs ADM: On Friday 13 April, this ratio broke to a new high. There has been modest progress since.


RIMM vs NASDAQ 100: Last week, I stated that an end of week close for the 14 week RSI above the intervening high would be an entry signal. That occurred on Friday, so this trade is on. The ratio is up 2.5% today.


Last week, I stated the stop loss as a move back into oversold on the weekly RSI or a weekly reversal. Some people will prefer a fixed stop loss, which would be a new low for the ratio below the 05 April low. That is 10.1% lower.

Other ideas:

Natural Gas: I had shown the weekly RSI divergence building on Natural Gas. Last week, there was a weekly reversal and a move back above the oversold  level for RSI, although a format RSI buy signal is the move above the intervening high.


None of the stock ratios I mentioned have reached RSI divergence signals. Encana (ECA) rallied sharply before reaching a divergence.

KOF vs EWW: This ratio still consolidates. I am looking for a Bollinger band breakout.

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