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Update on recommendations

April 16, 2012

16 April

This is a quick update on how the ideas shown have progressed.

  • SLE vs ADM: On Friday 13 April, this ratio broke to a new high, the entry signal stated on 03 April.
  • AEM vs XAU: This ratio makes progress, the position is up slightly.
  • Natural Gas: continues to fall but the weekly RSI divergence situation remains in place, so it is still worth looking for a weekly reversal.
  • XEC vs SPX: This ratio continues to pull back. You could still buy after a short term base.

    NFG vs SPX: This ratio has continued down, blowing away its weekly RSI divergence with a new low for the RSI. It needs to set up again according to my RSI divergence criteria. 

    Other natural gas stocks vs SPX: None on the six mentioned on 10 April have met the criteria yet, but Encana (ECA) is closest. ECA vs SPX will make bullish weekly RSI and MACD divergences with a bit more of a decline.

  • IAI vs EEM: The first Bollinger Band breakout trade hasn’t worked and I said the following week, that trades that don’t work quickly can be ditched before reaching their stop loss. Enough said on that one.
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