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Blog trade performance update

November 5, 2012

05 November

Here is the performance of the trades posted on this blog since March:

Total performance

Profitable trades: 7
Losing trades: 5

Total %age points gained: 78.7%
Total %age points lost: 26.1%

Gains: losses = 3.02:1

A couple of the trades have been closed out. I would show these with charts but at present, new charts are not loading, although old charts are back at least.

Utilities v auto retail

Two of the three utilities v auto retail trades from last week reached their break even stop loss and the third will be closed with a minimal profit.

National Bank of Greece v S&P 500 Index

The position was closed in three stages. The total profit was 19.2%.



This short position still runs. One third has been closed and with the price now $576.80, total profit is 10.9%. This is the only position remaining.

Effect of daily RSI divergences

On the utilities v auto retail and National Bank of Greece trades, daily RSI divergences came into effect. I showed this on NBG on 29 October to close some of that trade and you can see it above again.

One of the utilities v auto retail had bullish daily RSI divergence: Autozone (AZO) v Edison Intl (EIX).


For my RSI divergence trades, I use daily divergences as a reason to exit but need weekly divergences for entries. This could have been noted and used, although with the long term moving average rotation having taken place, I wanted to give the trade the chance to work.

This is not the first time that there has been contradiction between aspects of my methods. I need to be aware of these times and in these cases, closing the position is the best option.


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