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Market breadth: the makings of a customisable package of breadth indicators and commentary

June 25, 2012

25 June

Since starting my blog three months ago, I’ve made some good calls, mostly using my RSI divergence and Bollinger band methods. Have a look back over the blog and ask me anything about it.

Breadth indicators are another tool that I have wanted to use, as described in my methods section. The theme of this blog is identifying those rare times that have exceptional circumstances, offering high probability and low risk entry points. Breadth indictors can help identify these times.

I’m now in a position to offer you a breadth product that will do this!

I have two sources of breadth data, which combine to make a complete package of broad market indicators and customisable breadth data.

  1. Broad market breadth indicators on U.S. indices and exchanges. This data comes from Pinnacle Data Corp.
  2. Calculated breadth data on user defined lists of stocks. I can calculate various breadth indicators on any list of stocks that you are interested in, using the Metastock Add-on program FIRE.

It has taken a bit of effort to get hold of FIRE but I’m excited about the possibilities this product offers. I still have to figure out everything about how it works but with it, I’ll be able to offer you insight that other sources of breadth information do not offer.

Realise this comes in two parts.

  1. The capability of FIRE to calculate and show breadth indicators on any list of stocks
  2. The understanding of what the data means and ability to explain it

I’ll continue later with what I can show you from the broad market breadth data, which I have already introduced.

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